E-2.3 - Act respecting school elections to elect certain members of the boards of directors of English-language school service centres

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56. Before the beginning of the work of a board of revisors, the returning officer shall provide two copies of the list of school electors to be revised, one for the use of the board of revisors and the other for deposit for examination by the public at the place where the board is sitting.
No mention of the date of birth or sex of electors or of the particular provided for in section 11.2 shall be made on the copy deposited for examination.
The returning officer shall also provide a copy of the extract of the permanent list of electors referred to in the first paragraph of section 39.
1989, c. 36, s. 56; 2002, c. 10, s. 19.
56. The board of revisors, upon completing its work, shall prepare an abstract of each entry, striking and correction it has made on the list of electors.
It shall also certify the number of names entered on the list of electors before revision, the number of names added, struck or corrected and the total number of names appearing on the revised list.
1989, c. 36, s. 56.