E-2.2 - Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities

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116. A party shall make its recommendation by means of a writing signed by the leader of the party or by the person designated by him for that purpose and sent to the returning officer within the time prescribed by the returning officer.
The returning officer may, on reasonable grounds, refuse a recommendation made to him. In such a case, he shall fix a time limit for the sending of a new recommendation by the person who sent the recommendation refused.
For the purposes of this section, the word leader has the meaning assigned by section 364.
1987, c. 57, s. 116; 1997, c. 34, s. 21.
116. The returning officer may appoint the number of persons he considers necessary for each filing office to perform the following duties:
(1)  receive and assist any person wishing to make an application for entry, striking off or correction;
(2)  ascertain the nature of the application;
(3)  receive the application and put it in writing;
(4)  administer to the person filing the application the oath required by law;
(5)  give a copy of the application to the applicant.
The person appointed to act in a filing office may require proof from a person applying to have his name entered on the list that he meets the requirement as to domicile, ownership of an immovable or occupancy of a place of business, as the case may be, and proof of his designation by the co-owners or co-occupants, where that is the case.
The returning officer may perform the duties of a person appointed to act in a filing office.
1987, c. 57, s. 116.