C-8.3 - Act respecting international financial centres

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8.2. In this Act, an eligible contract of a corporation means a contract entered into between the corporation and a foreign financial entity where
(1)  under the contract, the corporation undertakes to render services, including support, analysis, control and management, to the foreign financial entity that consist mainly in carrying out qualified international financial operations on behalf of the entity and the completion of those operations pertains to a business all or substantially all of which the foreign financial entity carries on outside Canada and that has not previously been carried on in Canada;
(2)  the activities carried out by the corporation under the contract consist in new activities of the corporation that did not begin more than 12 months before the date on which a qualification certificate in respect of the contract was applied for, in accordance with the Act respecting the sectoral parameters of certain fiscal measures (chapter P-5.1), or are to begin no more than 24 months after that date and require that the corporation use additional financial, human and physical resources; and
(3)  the services referred to in subparagraph 1 are directly related to the business carried on by the foreign financial entity outside Canada and consist in services that have not been previously rendered in Québec by the corporation on behalf of the entity or a person not dealing at arm’s length with it.
For the purposes of subparagraph 3 of the first paragraph, the services rendered by the corporation under the contract that relate to the management and day-to-day administration of the international financial centre it operates are not services directly related to the business carried on by the international financial entity.
2019, c. 142019, c. 14, s. 33.