C-26 - Professional Code

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115.8. Every year the senior chair shall present to the Minister a plan setting out management objectives to ensure the quality and expeditious nature of complaint processing and the decision-making process and stating the results achieved in the preceding year.
In addition to the information requested by the Minister, the plan must include the following information, which the senior chair compiles for each disciplinary council on a monthly basis:
(1)  the number of days on which hearings were held and the average number of hours devoted to them;
(2)  the number of postponements granted;
(3)  the nature of the complaints for which a management conference was held, and the number of such complaints;
(4)  the nature of the complaints and requests heard, their number and the places and dates of the hearings;
(5)  the nature of the complaints and requests taken under advisement, their number and the time devoted to advisement;
(6)  the nature and the number of decisions rendered;
(7)  the nature and the number of decisions appealed; and
(8)  the time devoted to the proceedings, from the date of receipt of the complaint or request until the beginning of the hearing or the rendering of the decision on the conviction and, if applicable, the penalty.
2013, c. 12, s. 3.