C-19 - Cities and Towns Act

Full text
196. (Repealed).
R. S. 1964, c. 193, s. 222; 1968, c. 55, s. 81; 1987, c. 57, s. 708.
196. (1)  Any elector whose name does not appear on the extract from the electoral list used for voting in a polling station shall be entitled to vote at such polling station, provided that he furnish the deputy returning officer with an attestation of the returning officer or of the election clerk, drawn up according to form 22, establishing that his name is on the revised electoral list used for the current election, and that in all other respects he fulfils the conditions required by this act to be entitled to vote.
(2)  Before receiving his ballot paper, every person presenting himself to vote shall, if so required by the deputy returning officer or the poll clerk, a candidate or a candidate’s agent, take the oath according to form 23.
R. S. 1964, c. 193, s. 222; 1968, c. 55, s. 81.