A-13.1.1 - Individual and Family Assistance Act

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83.2. A labour market entry plan is established for every participant. The plan takes into account an assessment of the participant’s skills, the profile of the job the participant is seeking and the characteristics of the labour market. To help prepare the plan, the participant must appear for any interview requested by the Minister and provide any information required on his or her circumstances.
The plan includes measures aimed at providing the participant with support corresponding to his or her prospects of entering the labour market. The measures may, in particular, focus on training, an intensive job search or the acquisition of skills and the development of social skills.
The plan also sets out the commitments the participant must honour, in particular as regards the activities to be carried out within the scope of the measures it includes. A participant is however temporarily exempted, in the cases and under the conditions prescribed by regulation, from the obligation to fulfil the commitments set out in the plan.
A plan becomes effective on the day determined by regulation.
The Minister may modify any element of a plan, after consulting with the participant concerned or at that participant’s request, to take into account any change in the participant’s circumstances that could affect his or her ability to honour the commitments set out in the plan or his or her prospects of entering the labour market.
2016, c. 252016, c. 25, s. 31.