A-13.1.1 - Individual and Family Assistance Act

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57. An adult is deemed to receive a parental contribution unless
(1)  the adult has provided for his or her own needs and resided elsewhere than at the place of residence of his or her father or mother for at least two years, excluding any period during which the adult attended an educational institution on a full-time basis;
(2)  the adult has, for at least two years, held remunerated full-time employment, received benefits under the Employment Insurance Act (Statutes of Canada, 1996, chapter 23) for such employment, or received benefits under the Act respecting parental insurance (chapter A-29.011);
(3)  the adult is or was married or in a civil union;
(4)  the adult has been living with another person of the opposite or the same sex in a de facto union and has, at one time, cohabited with that person for a period of not less than one year;
(5)  the adult has or has had a dependent child;
(6)  the adult holds a bachelor’s degree;
(7)  the adult is at least 20 weeks’ pregnant, and her condition has been attested by a medical report; the medical report may be replaced by a written report attesting the pregnancy, signed by a midwife and indicating the name and date of birth of the adult, the number of weeks of pregnancy and the expected date of delivery; or
(8)  the adult has not been a full-time student for at least seven years since ceasing to be subject to compulsory school attendance.
However, an adult who establishes that his or her father and mother are untraceable, that they have refused to help provide for his or her needs or that they have committed acts of violence against him or her is not deemed to be receiving a parental contribution.
2005, c. 15, s. 57.