V-1 - Securities Act

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85. Every brokers’ auditor shall, once a year and oftener if the rules of the stock exchange so require, audit the assets and liabilities and investigate the financial situation of every member whose books he has been instructed to audit, and submit a balance sheet and a report showing the position of the business and affairs of such member.
He shall also make all such further audits and prepare all such further statements and reports as he may think advisable or as the executive committee may require.
Furthermore, every member shall submit to the executive committee all financial statements and reports as the stock exchange may require under its rules.
If a member is at the same time a member of a stock exchange having its place of business outside Québec or is represented on such a stock exchange, the executive committee may accept the statements and reports required by the latter to avail in lieu of the statements and reports provided for by the preceding paragraphs.
R. S. 1964, c. 274, s. 68.