T-9 - Lands and Forests Act

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106. (Replaced).
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 108; 1974, c. 28, s. 32; 1977, c. 5, s. 14; 1986, c. 108, s. 237.
106. (1)  The Government may constitute certain vacant tracts of public lands into Crown forests primarily destined to the production of ligneous matter for industrial or commercial purposes.
(2)  The Government may also, on the conditions and for the time it determines, authorize the Minister, in the interest of the regions where such Crown forests are situated and in accordance with the management plan which the Minister may make:
(a)  to exploit such Crown forests by having lumbering done under government management or by contract and sell the products resulting from such operations;
(b)  enter with any person who operates or intends to operate an industry totally or partly dependent on a Crown forest for its supply of timber or with any other person who has undertaken, to the satisfaction of the Minister, to supply timber to such industry, into an agreement by which the Minister undertakes to sell to such person the standing trees or unbarked logs necessary to ensure the stable operation of the said industry.
(3)  The Minister shall lay before the National Assembly, within fifteen days of the opening of the session following the end of the fiscal year of the Government, the orders in council adopted under this section during such fiscal year.
R. S. 1964, c. 92, s. 108; 1974, c. 28, s. 32; 1977, c. 5, s. 14.