T-12 - Transport Act

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47.10. Operators of heavy vehicles who, on 31 December 1999, were authorized to transport all the bulk materials described in Group 1 of section 3 of the Regulation respecting bulk trucking (R.R.Q., 1981, c. T-12, r.3), either as holders of a bulk trucking permit issued under this Act or as holders of an intra-provincial truck transport licence issued under Part III of the Motor Vehicle Transport Act, 1987 (Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, chapter M-12.01), shall be registered.
The Commission shall, for each registration, record in the register the number corresponding to the operating region for which the permit or licence was issued and in which the operator subscribes to the brokerage service operated by a brokerage permit holder.
Where the operator was the holder of more than one permit or licence issued for more than one region, the Commission shall indicate in the register the numbers corresponding to those regions; the numbers shall be replaced by the number corresponding to the region in which the operator registers with the brokerage service. In addition, the Commission must indicate in the register the number of trucks operated under the permits or licences; that number shall be reduced, where applicable, to correspond to the number of trucks registered by the operator with the brokerage service.
Subject to a removal from the register under section 47.13, the registration may be transferred by the Commission at the request of the transferor and the transferee.
1999, c. 82, s. 13.