S-40.1 - Act respecting the Québec correctional system

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113. The partnership agreement shall determine, in particular,
(1)  the nature and scope of the activities or services provided by the community-based organization;
(2)  the contact and communication mechanisms between the community-based organization and the Minister;
(3)  the general criteria for the assessment of the activities or services offered by the community-based organization, in particular as regards the human, material, financial and organizational resources allocated to the services;
(4)  the Minister’s responsibilities as regards the planning of the tasks entrusted to the community-based organization;
(5)  the financial compensation paid by the Minister to the community-based organization;
(6)  the provisions of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information (chapter A-2.1) that apply to the information that will be disclosed to the organization and the measures the organization must take to ensure that the information is used only for the purposes of its mandate and is not retained when the reason for which it was obtained no longer exists;
(7)  a dispute resolution mechanism for the settlement of disputes concerning the interpretation or implementation of the agreement;
(8)  the term of the agreement, which shall not exceed five years;
(9)  the organization’s reporting and accountability mechanisms;
(10)  the organization’s obligation to provide reports or other information required by the Minister concerning the progress accomplished by an offender to whom it is providing activities or services;
(11)  the organization’s obligation to cooperate in any investigation that may be requested by the Minister into an incident involving an offender to whom it is providing activities or services;
(12)  the periodic evaluation to be made by the Minister; and
(13)  the sanctions that may be imposed on persons in the employ of the community-based organization in case of the violation of their oath of secrecy.
An agreement between the Minister and a community-based organization may be terminated by either party on six months’ notice. In the absence of such notice, the agreement shall be renewed automatically for the same term.
2002, c. 24, s. 113.