S-32.001 - Act respecting income support, employment assistance and social solidarity

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18.1. In the cases and subject to the conditions determined by the Minister, the Minister may establish a Social Assistance and Support Program for recipients under the program who require special help and support in view of their socio-professional profile.
To that end, the Minister may enter into an agreement with a body under which the body offers that help and support in order to assist those persons in taking steps toward an active participation in society and to provide them with adequate preparation to participate in an employment-assistance measure or program and improve their prospects of entering the labour market.
That assistance may in particular contribute to
(1)  reinforcing their interest in moving forward;
(2)  identifying their needs;
(3)  developing or maintaining certain skills, attitudes or behaviours; and
(4)  finding ways to remove the obstacles to their socio-professional development.
2005, c. 15, s. 176.