R-8.02 - Act respecting the Régie du gaz naturel

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54. The Régie may, at the request of a consumer or a distributor, exempt a distributor from complying with an application or request made under section 52 or 53 where it is of opinion, in particular, that
(1)  it would be detrimental to the profitability or efficient operation of the undertaking of the distributor;
(2)  the public interest so requires;
(3)  the costs of the requested service would not be borne by the consumer;
(4)  the application or request is likely to endanger the security of supply of another consumer.
Where natural gas is used mainly for space heating or domestic purposes, the Régie may also exempt a distributor from complying with a request made under the second paragraph of section 52 if it is of opinion that the security of supply offered under the conditions agreed upon between the consumer and a third person, taking into account the consumer’s specific requirements and the availability of gas, is not comparable to that offered by a distributor.
1988, c. 23, s. 54.