R-8.02 - Act respecting the Régie du gaz naturel

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40. A commissioner or any person designated in writing by the chairman may, for the purposes of an inspection to ascertain compliance with this Act,
(1)  enter into the establishment or upon the land of a distributor at any reasonable time;
(2)  examine and make copies of books, records, accounts, files and other documents relating to the purchase, sale, supply, transmission, delivery, consumption or storage of natural gas;
(3)  require any information pertaining to the application of this Act and the production of any related document.
Every person having custody, possession or control of the books, records, accounts, files and other documents shall, on request, communicate them to the commissioner or designated person and facilitate his examination of them.
A commissioner or designated person exercising powers under the first paragraph shall, on request, identify himself and produce a certificate of his capacity issued by the Régie.
1988, c. 23, s. 40.