R-5 - Act respecting the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec

Full text (Repealed).
2007, c. 31, s. 2; 2012, c. 23, s. 152. In order to exercise the functions relating to the register of health and social service providers, the Board shall assign a unique provider number to every provider described in section whom it enters in the register, and collect the following information concerning that provider:
(1)  name;
(2)  date of birth;
(3)  sex;
(4)  business address;
(5)  organization name and place of work;
(6)  telephone number and fax number, as well as business email address, if applicable;
(7)  professional title, if applicable;
(8)  functions, if applicable;
(9)  professional order membership number, if applicable;
(10)  registration number at the Board, if applicable;
(11)  the fact that the provider has been struck off the roll of a professional order, that the provider’s right to engage in professional activities has been limited or suspended, or that the provider no longer practises the profession, if applicable; and
(12)  any other information prescribed by a regulation of the Government made for that purpose.
The Board shall communicate the information entered in the register of health and social service providers in accordance with section 63 of the Health Insurance Act (chapter A-29).
2007, c. 31, s. 2.