R-15.1 - Supplemental Pension Plans Act

Full text
230.6. (Replaced).
1992, c. 60, s. 34; 2015, c. 29, s. 62.
230.6. The draft agreement submitted by the employer is, upon expiry of the time for opposition, deemed to be accepted, unless
(1)  30% or more of the members and beneficiaries oppose it;
(2)  at least one member or beneficiary opposes it when the proposed method of apportionment, under the terms of the second paragraph of section 230.2, admits of no opposition;
(3)  the Régie has invalidated it by reason of an irregularity.
The pension committee shall send forthwith to the Régie a statement evidencing the acceptance.
1992, c. 60, s. 34.