R-11 - Act respecting the Teachers Pension Plan

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35.1.15. For the purposes of this subdivision, the harmonized service of a teacher to whom section 35.1.16 does not apply and who simultaneously holds more than one pensionable employment under the plan in a year is the aggregate of the harmonized service established for each employment under section 35.1.13 or 35.1.14, if the total service credited in respect of such employments is less than or equal to one year.
If the total service credited in respect of the pensionable employments held by the teacher is reduced under section 17, the harmonized service is the harmonized service that would have been computed under section 35.1.13 or 35.1.14 if the teacher had held the employment selected under the second paragraph of section 35.1.11 full time during the period in which the teacher participated in the plan.
2008, c. 25, s. 61.