R-11 - Act respecting the Teachers Pension Plan

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28. Every teacher has a right to be credited with the years of service, except those for which his contributions have been reimbursed to him, that he had a right, on 1 July 1965, to be credited with for pension purposes under Part VIII of the Education Act (Revised Statutes of Québec, 1964, chapter 235), on the conditions prescribed therein.
The duration of service, the remuneration and the amount of the deductions in respect of the years of service are determined in accordance with Part VIII of the Education Act.
1970, c. 56, s. 14; 1974, c. 63, s. 8; 1983, c. 24, s. 2.
28. If the aggregate of the amounts paid as a pension to a teacher and of the benefits paid after his death to his widow or to a husband and to the children of such teacher, who are dependents of the widow or of the husband, is less than the aggregate amount of the contributions paid by such teacher, the difference shall be paid without interest to his estate, in one single payment, as soon as the payments of such pension or of such benefits to the last person entitled thereto have ceased.
1970, c. 56, s. 14; 1974, c. 63, s. 8.