M-30.01 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation

Full text
84. (Repealed).
2003, c. 29, s. 84; 2006, c. 8, s. 9.
84. The “Comité permanent des présidents-directeurs généraux des Fonds de recherche du Québec” hereinafter called the “committee” is hereby established.
The functions of the committee are
(1)  to harmonize the strategic programs of the different Fonds and ensure the coherence and complementarity of their action;
(2)  to integrate, so far as possible, the management services of the different Fonds;
(3)  to simplify the research financing procedure;
(4)  to advise the Minister on the development of the research support programs of the different Fonds.
2003, c. 29, s. 84.