M-30.01 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation

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50.2. (Section renumbered).
2011, c. 16, s. 62; 2013, c. 28, s. 207.
See section 27 of chapter M-
50.2. The Government appoints a scientific director to each fund, on the recommendation of that fund’s board of directors. The scientific director ensures that the activities of the fund are properly run.
If the board of directors refuses or neglects to make the recommendation required under the first paragraph, the Government may appoint a scientific director after notifying the members of the board.
Within six months prior to the expiry of the scientific director’s term, the board of directors includes with the recommendation provided for in the first paragraph an evaluation of the scientific director’s performance.
The Government determines the remuneration, employee benefits and other conditions of employment of the scientific director. The office of scientific director is a full-time position.
2011, c. 16, s. 62.