M-28 - Act respecting the Ministère des Transports

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12.21.1. The Minister may designate a person to carry out an inspection in any premises where an activity governed by this Act or another Act the Minister is responsible for administering is held.
The person designated by the Minister may, for the purposes of any of those Acts,
(1)  enter those premises at any reasonable time;
(2)  demand any information relating to the application of any of those Acts and the production of any related document;
(3)  examine and make a copy of such documents;
(4)  examine the premises and the property found there; and
(5)  photograph those premises and that property.
During an inspection of a construction site, the person responsible for the site must give access to the site and reasonable assistance to the inspector, and accompany him or her.
2015, c. 16, s. 8.