M-25.001 - Act respecting the Ministère des Régions

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10. The board of directors of a local development centre shall include representatives of the different sectors of the community to be served by the centre, in particular business, including the industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors, labour, including labour unions, as well as the farming community, municipal authorities, the cooperative sector, community groups and institutional organizations.
In addition, the following persons shall be non-voting members of the board of directors:
(1)  the head of the local development centre;
(2)  the Assistant Deputy Minister of Regions for the region concerned, or the representative of that Assistant Deputy Minister;
(3)  the director of the local employment centre.
The Member of the National Assembly for any electoral division whose territory is under the jurisdiction of the local development centre has the right to take part in the different proceedings, without the right to vote.
No sector represented on the board of directors may hold the majority of the seats on the board or hold a number of seats which prevents a suitable balance in the representation of the different sectors, according to the needs of the community concerned. Each board member has one vote only. The same rules apply to the executive committee, if any.
Board members shall be designated by the people in the sector they originate from and represent.
1997, c. 91, s. 10.