F-3.1.1 - Public Service Act

Full text
164. (Repealed).
1983, c. 55, s. 164; 2013, c. 25, s. 33.
164. The Government shall award permanent tenure to a casual public servant who meets all the following conditions:
(1)  he holds a position the activities of which form part of the regular activities of his department or agency;
(2)  he has worked on specific projects for a period of a least five years from 1 July 1977 to 30 December 1983 inclusive of both;
(3)  he has been named by the Gouvernement du Québec and the Syndicat des professionnelles et professionnels du Gouvernement du Québec;
(4)  his qualifications have been certified by the Office des ressources humaines.
This Act applies, where such is the case, without other formality, to the public servant, provided that he is still working for the same department or agency on 15 November 1983.
1983, c. 55, s. 164.