E-24 - Expropriation Act

Full text
(1) It is very important that you send, in writing, to the expropriating party, within 15 days from receipt of this document, the names and addresses of all your lessees, giving the nature, the date, the term and the amount of each lease.
(2) If premises owned by you are occupied by persons who do not hold a lease, you must also give their names and addresses, and indicate the conditions under which they occupy the premises.
(3) Furthermore, you must, from now on, advise every new lessee or any other person who wishes to occupy premises owned by you that expropriation proceedings have been taken against your property.
(4) Failing your compliance with the above obligations, you expose yourself to prosecution if a lessee or an occupant suffers damage.
1983, c. 21, s. 29.