E-12.000001 - Money-Services Businesses Act

Full text
60. The Authority may make regulations determining
(1)  the fees and tariffs payable for any formality required by this Act and for the services provided by the Authority, and payment terms and time limits;
(2)  the form and content of licence applications;
(3)  documents and persons for the purposes of the first paragraph of section 6;
(4)  the time limit and procedure for informing the Authority of any change in the information filed with the Authority by a money-services business, including any change to the lists and other documents provided;
(5)  the nature, form and content of the books, registers and records that a money-services business must maintain and rules relating to their preservation, use and destruction;
(6)  which money-services businesses must provide security for the performance of their obligations, and the amount and form of the security;
(7)  time limits for the purposes of this Act;
(8)  the cases and manner in which the identity of a customer or a co-contracting party must be verified for the purposes of section 28;
(9)  the manner in which notification of a financial transaction is to be given for the purposes of section 31; and
(10)  the nature, form and content of the reports, documents and statements required to be filed under section 33.
2010, c. 40, Sch. I, s. 60.