C-5.3 - Cannabis Regulation Act

Full text
64. For the purpose of carrying out its mandate, the Committee may, in particular,
(1)  advise the Minister on any cannabis-related matter that the Minister submits to it;
(2)  evaluate the application of the measures provided for by this Act and of the provisions relating to the Société québécoise du cannabis in the Act respecting the Société des alcools du Québec (chapter S-13) and whether they attained their objectives;
(3)  refer to the Minister any emerging cannabis-related phenomenon or any other cannabis-related issue that deserves the attention of or action by the Government, and submit its recommendations to the Minister; and
(4)  carry out any other mandate entrusted to it by the Minister.
The Committee may also require the Société québécoise du cannabis, a person authorized by the Société to transport or store cannabis on its behalf, if any, or a cannabis producer to provide any information or documents the Committee considers necessary to carry out its mandate.
2018, c. 192018, c. 19, s. 19.