C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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96.1.1. The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food may enter into an agreement with the Community, or with the Community and any municipality designated by the Government, respecting the administration within the territory of the Community and of any municipality that is a party to the agreement, of the provisions of Acts, regulations or orders respecting the inspection of food that are under the administration of the Minister.
Where the Community is a party to such an agreement, its territory is deemed, for the purposes of this section, section 96.1.2 and any similar provision of another Act, to have subtracted from it the territory of any municipality that is a party to the same agreement or to another agreement that is in force and that pertains to the administration of one, several or all of the same provisions. In such a case,
(1)  only the representatives of the other municipalities on the Council of the Community may take part in the discussions and vote relating to the agreement to which the Community is a party; for such purpose, the majority of those representatives constitutes the quorum, each representative has one vote and all decisions are made by a majority of the votes cast;
(2)  only the other municipalities shall contribute towards the payment of the expenses of the Community arising from the agreement to which the Community is a party.
If one of the parties to the agreement is charged with the administration of provisions in all or part of the territory of another party, that competence does not extend to the institution of penal proceedings for an offence under such a provision that is committed in the territory of that other party.
1996, c. 77, s. 43.