C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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70.1. The Council may, by the by-law adopted under section 70, where the temporary replacement of the holder of an office by another person lasts for the number of days specified by the Council, provide for the payment by the Community, to the person replacing the holder of the office, of additional remuneration or indemnity sufficient to ensure that, for the period beginning at the time specified and ending at the same time as the replacement ends, the replacement receives the equivalent of the remuneration or indemnity otherwise payable, for that period and in respect of that office, to the holder of the office being replaced.
The Council may provide that the additional remuneration or indemnity provided for in the first paragraph does not apply in respect of the permanent substitute mayor from the city of Québec. It may also provide that payment of the additional remuneration or indemnity entails a reduction in the remuneration or indemnity otherwise payable, for the office in question, to the holder of the office being replaced owing to absence or inability to act.
1982, c. 63, s. 166; 1984, c. 32, s. 14; 1993, c. 67, s. 26.
70.1. In addition to the committees contemplated in section 69, the Council may establish a select or a special committee.
The Council may replace any member of the committee whenever it sees fit.
The function of the committee is to examine any question determined by the Council and within the competence of the Community, in a field other than those mentioned in section 69, and to make to the Council any recommendations it considers appropriate.
Sections 69.1, 69.2, 69.4 and 69.6 to 70 apply to the committee.
1982, c. 63, s. 166; 1984, c. 32, s. 14.
70.1. Every meeting of any committee shall be open to the public.
It must include a period during which the persons attending may put oral questions to the members of the committee.
The Council may make by-laws respecting the administration and internal management of a committee. It may, in particular, by such by-laws, prescribe the length and time of the question period, and the procedure to be followed to put a question.
1982, c. 63, s. 166.