C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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69.1. Each select committee consists of six members.
Two members are designated by the Council from among the mayors of the municipalities listed in Schedule A who are neither the chairman nor one of the vice-chairmen of the Community.
The other four members are designated by the Council from among the eligible councillors referred to in section 69.2.
No person who is a member of a select committee may be a member concurrently of another select committee or of the board of directors of the Société.
1984, c. 32, s. 13; 1993, c. 67, s. 26.
69.10. The Council may make any by-law respecting the administration and the internal management of any committee.
It may in particular, in such by-law,
(1)  prescribe the length and time of the question period at meetings of a committee, and the procedure to be followed to put a question;
(2)  require a committee to forward to the Council every year, at the time determined by the Council, a report of its operations during the last fiscal year.
1984, c. 32, s. 13.
69.1. Each committee shall consist, in addition to the chairman of the executive committee, of the number of members determined by the Council.
1984, c. 32, s. 13.