C-37.3 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de Québec

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11.3. (Repealed).
1982, c. 63, s. 159; 1993, c. 67, s. 4.
11.3. The Council may provide sufficient appropriations in the budget of the Community for the reimbursement of a category of expenses which the members of the executive committee may incur on behalf of the Community during the fiscal year, whether such expenses are actually incurred or provided for in the tariff.
The executive committee is not required to give prior authorization for an expense included in such a category, if it does not exceed the balance of the appropriations, after subtracting the sums already used or set aside to reimburse previous expenses.
If all the appropriations for a fiscal year have been used, the executive committee may appropriate, for the purposes provided in this section, all or part of the balance of the sums provided for in the budget to cover unforeseen administrative expenses.
1982, c. 63, s. 159.