C-37.1 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de l’Outaouais

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252. (Repealed).
1969, c. 85, s. 301; 1983, c. 29, s. 69.
252. Not later than 1 January 1972, the executive committee shall submit to the Council a plan for total or partial integration of the departments concerned with exercising the jurisdiction contemplated in section 84, comprising among other things:
(1)  the stages of such integration;
(2)  the conditions for transferring to the employment of the Community the officers and employees assigned to the abovementioned departments of the municipalities in such a way that such officers and employees shall not receive from the Community salaries which are lower or social benefits which are of a lower value than the salaries and social benefits which they receive from the municipalities employing them, the whole subject to the provisions of section 45 of the Labour Code (chapter C-27) in the case of employees within the meaning of such Code and of the associations certified to represent them;
(3)  the property belonging to the municipalities and exclusively set aside by them to be used for the abovementioned departments which must be transferred to the Community, and the terms and conditions of such transfers of ownership in such a way that, as a minimum condition for such transfers, the Community shall repay to the municipalities the sums necessary for the service of the debt of any bond issue of such municipalities the proceeds of which have been used for the acquisition, construction or alteration of such property, after deducting any federal or provincial grant;
(4)  the property belonging to the municipalities and partly set aside by them to be used for the abovementioned departments which must be placed at the disposal of the Community, establishing the terms and conditions according to which such property must be placed at the Community’s disposal.
The Community shall not assume any actuarial deficit or obligation resulting therefrom incurred by a municipality in connection with a pension plan, a retirement fund or pension fund for the above officers or employees before the date of the coming into force of such plan; no officer or employee of a municipality shall be discharged or laid off by reason of the putting into force of a plan contemplated in this section.
1969, c. 85, s. 301.