C-37.1 - Act respecting the Communauté urbaine de l’Outaouais

Full text
220. (Repealed).
1969, c. 85, s. 271 (part); 1993, c. 36, s. 2.
220. For the attainment of its objects, the Corporation, with the approval of the Government, may:
(a)  promote industry, trade, recreation and tourism in its territory;
(b)  sell, cede, transfer, lease or otherwise alienate or make available any property to any person subject to such conditions and limitations as the Corporation deems expedient;
(c)  plan, possess, develop and administer commercial or industrial parks within its territory, build public thoroughfares and parking lots and instal public services there, but the Corporation shall not build or maintain commercial or industrial buildings in such territory;
(d)  plan, possess, develop and administer, within its territory, public parks, recreational, sporting and tourist complexes, including skiing centres, camping grounds and picnicking grounds, and the subsidiary activities intended for recreational, sporting and tourist purposes and which are inherent to the carrying on of such undertakings;
(e)  make with the Government of Canada or any body thereof, and with any other public body, including a municipality, agreements respecting the exercise of its jurisdiction;
(f)  acquire immoveables or real rights by agreement or by expropriation.
1969, c. 85, s. 271 (part).