C-37.01 - Act respecting the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal

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234. If an appointment or personal designation provided for in this Act is not made within the prescribed time or within a period of time the Minister considers reasonable, the Minister may make it. However, the appointment or designation may be made by the competent person or council of the Community, even after the expiry of that time, with the Minister’s permission.
If the Minister makes an appointment or designation, the Minister may, if no remuneration has been fixed for the position concerned or if the Minister considers the remuneration fixed to be inappropriate, fix any remuneration the Minister considers appropriate.
An appointment or designation made, or remuneration fixed, by the Minister under this section is deemed to have been made or fixed by the person or council of the Community otherwise competent to make or fix it under this Act.
2000, c. 34, s. 234; 2018, c. 82018, c. 8, s. 138.
234. If any appointment or designation under this Act has not been made within the time prescribed, or within a time that the Minister considers reasonable, it may be made by the Minister without the Minister being required to select the person appointed or designated from among the persons eligible; however, with the permission of the Minister, the appointment or designation may be made even after the expiry of the time, by the persons to whom this Act assigns such duty.
2000, c. 34, s. 234.