C-25.01 - Code of Civil Procedure

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579. When a class action is authorized, a notice is published or notified to the class members
(1)  describing the class and any subclass;
(2)  setting out the principal issues to be dealt with collectively and the conclusions sought in relation to those issues;
(3)  stating the representative plaintiff’s name, the contact information of the representative plaintiff’s lawyer and the district in which the class action is to proceed;
(4)  stating that class members have the right to seek intervenor status in the class action;
(5)  stating that class members have the right to opt out of the class and specifying the procedure and time limit for doing so;
(6)  stating that no class member other than the representative plaintiff or an intervenor may be required to pay legal costs arising from the class action; and
(7)  providing any additional information the court considers useful, including the address of the website for the central registry of class actions.
The court determines the date, form and method of publication of the notice, having regard to the nature of the class action, the composition of the class and the geographical location of its members. The notice identifies, by name or a description, any class members who are to receive individual notification. If the court sees fit, it may authorize the publication of an abbreviated notice.
2014, c. 1, a. 579.