A-6.01 - Public Administration Act

Full text
66.2. (Repealed).
2004, c. 30, s. 52; 2005, c. 11, s. 20.
Not in force
66.2. The functions of the chief information officer include
(1)  advising the Conseil du trésor on information resources and information security;
(2)  advising the Conseil du trésor on policies, management frameworks, standards, systems and acquisitions in the area of information resources to achieve an optimal use of information and communications technologies, and taking part in the implementation process;
(3)  developing a global approach and strategy for the information resources of the Administration, and submitting it to the Conseil du trésor;
(4)  directing and coordinating the plan to implement an e-government initiative centred on the needs of citizens, businesses and the Administration;
(5)  following up on the implementation of government policies and guidelines on information resources; and
(6)  developing and proposing an approach to integrate and simplify the delivery of services to citizens and businesses.
2004, c. 30, s. 52.