A-6.01 - Public Administration Act

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48. The expenditures chargeable against an appropriation shall be limited according to the division of such appropriation into allotments as shown in the expenditure budget.
The Conseil du trésor may, to the extent provided by law, authorize the transfer of part of an appropriation granted to a department or body to another appropriation of the department or body.
The Conseil du trésor may amend or subdivide an allotment. The Conseil du trésor may also, in the cases and circumstances and on the terms and conditions it determines, authorize a department or a body to transfer any portion of an appropriation between allotments or suballotments of that appropriation.
Amounts received during a fiscal year, as repayments of advances or loans granted during the same year out of an appropriation, shall be returned to the same appropriation and may be reutilized.
2000, c. 8, s. 48.