A-2.2 - Act to promote access to family medicine and specialized medicine services

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4. Every general practitioner subject to an agreement entered into under section 19 of the Health Insurance Act (chapter A-29) must, to the extent prescribed by government regulation,
(1)  provide, individually or with other physicians within a family medicine group, medical care to a minimum caseload of patients; and
(2)  perform, for the benefit of the users of an institution, a minimum number of hours of medical activities that is authorized by the regional department of general medicine in the general practitioner’s region in accordance with section 7.
The government regulation may, in particular, prescribe
(1)  the age as of which a physician is exempted from those obligations;
(2)  the terms governing the medical care provided to patients;
(3)  the minimum patient caseload;
(4)  the medical activities that may be authorized under section 7;
(5)  the minimum number of hours of medical activities that must be performed;
(6)  the special rules that apply when a physician wishes to engage in medical activities in more than one region; and
(7)  any other condition a physician must comply with to fulfil those obligations.
2015, c. 25, s. 1.