A-19.1 - Act respecting land use planning and development

Full text
145.16. The by-law must
(1)  specify every zone and every class of construction, land or work to which it applies;
(2)  determine objectives regarding site planning and the architecture of constructions or the development of the land, and set out criteria permitting to assess whether the objectives have been achieved;
(3)  prescribe the minimum content of the plans and, in particular, require that they include one or several of the following components:
(a)  the location of existing and proposed constructions;
(b)  a description of the land and the proposed development work;
(c)  the architecture of the constructions to be built, converted, enlarged or added to;
(d)  the relations between such constructions and adjacent constructions;
(4)  prescribe the documents that must be submitted with the plans;
(5)  prescribe the procedure applicable to an application for a building or subdivision permit or a certificate of authorization or occupancy where the issue of such a permit or certificate is subordinated to the approval of plans.
1989, c. 46, s. 11.