A-23 - Land Surveyors Act

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34. A land surveyor is a public officer.
The following constitute the practice of the profession of land surveyor:
(a)  all surveys of land, measurements for boundary purposes, making of boundaries, plotting of plans, making of plans, minutes, reports, technical descriptions of territories, certificates of localization and all documents and operations made by direct, photogrammetric, electronic or other methods connected in any way with bounding, laying out of lots, or establishing the site of servitudes, staking of lots, and scaling of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water in Québec, with the calculation of the area of public and private property, all cadastral operations or compiling of lots or parts of lots, and cartographic representation of territory for the above-mentioned purposes;
(b)  establishing and keeping up-to-date the skeleton map of geodetic points of any order of precision and establishing of photogrammetric controls for the purposes of the work enumerated in subparagraph a.
1973, c. 61, s. 34; 1974, c. 65, s. 102.