Laws - Provisions brought into force

These Tables of Provisions Brought into Force provides users with the date of coming into force of every section in the Statutes of Québec assented to since 1 January 1978. The tables are updated on a regular basis, by the Service de la Refonte of the ministère de la Justice, and should not be confused with the Table of Amendments, which lists all amendments made to the statutes in the Compilation of Québec Laws and Regulations.

Sections that determine the manner of coming into force of each statute are not included in these tables.

These tables don’t show effective dates if they differ from coming into force dates.

Please note that the alphanumerical designation given to an annual statute is the original designation; the title and the designation may now be different as a result of a subsequent legislative amendment to the title.

Certain provisions listed as Not in force (Nif) will remain as such as a result of subsequent provisions enacted and brought into force to repeal, replace or otherwise render inoperative the original provisions which, as a consequence, will never be brought into force.

Tables updated to 8 January 2020

Statutes of Québec assented to :

   between 1 January 1978 and 31 December 2007

   since 1 January 2008