S-32.0001 - Act respecting end-of-life care

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53. When advance medical directives are given in the presence of witnesses, the form must be completed by the person concerned.
The person then declares, in the presence of two witnesses, that the form contains the person’s advance medical directives, without having to disclose the contents. The person dates and signs the form or, if this is already done, recognizes the signature as their own. The form is then signed by the witnesses in the person’s presence.
If the person cannot complete the form because the person cannot write or is physically incapable of doing so, it may be completed by a third person in accordance with the person’s instructions. The third person signs and dates the form in the person’s presence.
Persons of full age incapable of giving consent and minors cannot act as a third person or a witness for the purposes of this section.
2014, c. 2, s. 53.