S-2.1 - Act respecting occupational health and safety

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62.7. An employer who is required to disclose information the employer considers confidential on a label or safety data sheet may apply for an exemption from that obligation in respect of the information prescribed by regulation.
1988, c. 61, s. 2; 2015, c. 13, s. 7.
62.7. An employer may be exempted from the obligation to disclose, on a label or material safety data sheet,
(1)  the chemical identity or concentration of any ingredient of the controlled product;
(2)  the sources of any information relating to toxicological data concerning the controlled product;
(3)  the common name, chemical name, trade name, generic name or brand name of the controlled product;
(4)  the information by means of which the supplier of the controlled product can be identified.
No employer may, however, be exempted from the obligation to disclose information on any hazard defined by regulation.
1988, c. 61, s. 2.