S-18.2 - Act respecting the Société nationale de l’amiante

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27. If the former owner furnishes to the Société, within sixty days from the service of the notice of expropriation, an affidavit containing the names and addresses of all its creditors and the amount and the nature of each debt pertaining to the expropriated property, the Société shall assume, up to the amount of the indemnity, payment of the debts mentioned therein which pertain to the expropriated property.
However, where a debt was contracted within three hundred and sixty-five days preceding the service of the notice of expropriation, toward a person who, under the Taxation Act (chapter I-3), was not dealing at arm’s length with the former owner, the Société is liable for such debt only if it was contracted in the normal course of operation of the property expropriated.
1979, c. 44, s. 1.