P-9.0001 - Act respecting the sharing of certain health information

Full text
33. The medical imaging domain is made up of the following health information, if available:
(1)  the unique user identification number of the person concerned;
(2)  the date on which the prescription for an examination was written or an examination was requested;
(3)  the examination prescription number;
(4)  the identification code for and description of the examination;
(5)  the examination request number;
(6)  the date, time and processing status of the examination request;
(7)  the date and time of the examination;
(8)  the code for the anatomical region examined;
(9)  additional relevant information on the conduct of the examination;
(10)  the clinical information necessary to carry out the examination;
(11)  the name and unique provider number of the health professional who wrote the prescription or requested the examination or, if the health professional has no such number, the number of the health professional’s licence to practise;
(12)  the date, time and status of the examination results and images;
(13)  the images and the information shown on them;
(14)  the preliminary report accompanied by a digitized dictation;
(15)  the final examination result;
(16)  the name, address, telephone number and unique identification number of the location where services are provided and where the examination request was processed;
(17)  the name, medical specialty and unique provider number of the physician who interpreted the medical imaging examination or, if the physician has no such number, the number of the physician’s licence to practise; and
(18)  any other information prescribed by regulation of the Government.
2012, c. 23, s. 33.