P-38.001 - Act respecting the protection of persons whose mental state presents a danger to themselves or to others

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19. The institution must, in the case of a minor, give the person having parental authority or, if there is no such person, the tutor, or in the case of a person of full age who is represented, the mandatary, tutor or curator, notice of
(1)  the decision of a physician to place the person under preventive confinement pursuant to section 7;
(2)  the necessity for continued confinement, after each of the examinations required by section 10;
(3)  any application presented to the Administrative Tribunal of Québec under section 21 of which the institution has been informed;
(4)  the end of the confinement.
Notice must be given in writing, except a notice under subparagraph 1 of the first paragraph.
1997, c. 75, s. 19.