P-29 - Food Products Act

Full text Every authorized person may enter a slaughterhouse at any reasonable time and conduct, for as long as is necessary, a sanitary inspection of animals before and after they are slaughtered, and of the carcasses or parts of such animals. The authorized person may also, when conducting an inspection,
(1)  take specimens free of charge;
(2)  prohibit the slaughtering of animals or subject it to certain conditions;
(3)  seize or confiscate animals, animal carcasses or animal parts if the person has reasonable cause to believe they are unfit for human consumption; and
(4)  order the destruction of animals, animal carcasses or animal parts, or determine how they are to be disposed of.
The slaughterhouse operator is required to lend assistance to the authorized person in carrying out an inspection.
2009, c. 10, s. 34.