M-30.001 - Act respecting the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs

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10.1. The Minister is by virtue of office the Government’s adviser on issues concerning the fight against climate change and shall ensure government-wide integrated governance of the fight against climate change, in particular with a view to State exemplarity in the matter.
The fight against climate change includes all measures to reduce, limit or prevent greenhouse gas emissions, in particular by electrification, to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, to mitigate the environmental, economic and social consequences of such measures and to promote adaptation to the impacts of global warming and climate change, as well as Québec’s participation in regional or international partnerships in these areas and the development of such partnerships.
The Minister shall ensure compliance with the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Government under section 46.4 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2). The Minister shall ensure the coherence and coordination of policies, action plans, programs, consultation processes and other measures of the Government, government departments and public bodies that concern the fight against climate change and shall be involved in their preparation. Each minister or public body concerned continues to be responsible for choosing and implementing the means to achieve the results.
The Minister must be consulted when measures that could have a significant impact in the fight against climate change are developed. The Minister shall give the other ministers and the public bodies any opinion he considers appropriate to promote the fight against climate change and reduce climate risks, and shall recommend to them any adjustments necessary for those purposes, in particular when a proposed measure, in his opinion,
(1)  does not comply with the principles and objectives set out in the climate change framework policy provided for in section 46.3 of the Environment Quality Act;
(2)  does not comply with the greenhouse gas reduction or limitation targets set under section 46.4 of that Act; or
(3)  does not allow sufficient adaptation to climate change.
For the purposes of this Act, public body means a budget-funded body or a body other than a budget-funded body listed in Schedule 1 or 2 to the Financial Administration Act (chapter A-6.001).
The Minister shall exercise the responsibilities conferred on him by this section regarding the development of and participation in international partnerships with due regard for the powers and duties of the Minister of International Relations.
2020, c. 19, s. 1.