L-6 - Act respecting lotteries and amusement machines

Full text
57.3. (Repealed).
1993, c. 71, s. 39; 2023, c. 24, s. 81.
Not in force
57.3. The board may refuse to issue an authorization for a publicity contest or revoke such an authorization if
(1)  the public interest so requires;
(2)  the contest advertising leads contestants to believe, falsely,
(a)  that they have won a prize;
(b)  that they enjoy an advantage over other participants; or
(c)  that they have won a prize whereas they have won only a part or a component of such a prize;
(3)  the person for whom the contest is carried on does not provide all relevant information or document required by the board, or refuses or neglects to comply with a request or order of the board;
(4)  the person for whom the contest is carried on fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Act or the rules.
The board may, in addition, revoke its authorization if it is obtained following false representations.
1993, c. 71, s. 39.