L-6 - Act respecting lotteries and amusement machines

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50.0.2. The Government may, if it considers it expedient, establish according to the categories of licences and the terms and conditions it determines, a temporary program of financial assistance for the benefit of bingo licence holders to minimize the inconvenience that may be caused by, among other factors, the closing of a hall or the application of new rules.
2001, c. 65, s. 6.
50.0.2. The board may, to ensure orderly development in the bingo market in Québec or in a particular territory, suspend the issue of bingo licences or bingo hall operator’s licences for a period not exceeding one year, determined by the board. That period may be extended.
At the end of that period, the board may determine the maximum number of bingo licences or bingo hall operator’s licences it may issue in each territory and shall assign or redistribute such licences in accordance with the criteria set out in its rules.
1997, c. 54, s. 5.