L-6.3 - Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations

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6. The person responsible for implementing the policy must inform the persons working for the institution of the policy’s content and, more specifically, of the prevention measures put in place and the possibility of reporting cases of maltreatment to the local service quality and complaints commissioner.
An integrated health and social services centre established by the Act to modify the organization and governance of the health and social services network, in particular by abolishing the regional agencies (chapter O-7.2) and a local authority within the meaning of the Act respecting health services and social services (chapter S-4.2) must also each make its policy known to the health and social services providers working in the territory served by the centre or authority, namely, the groups of professionals, the community organizations within the meaning of section 334 of the Act respecting health services and social services, and the social economy enterprises and private resources, and to the key players in the other sectors of activity that have an impact on health services and social services.
2017, c. 10, s. 6.